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Long Lost Girlfriend...

“We were a mystical balancing act of equilibrium.

Two precious wild hearts syncing together

the way twin flames sometimes do.

Interlacing like two aerial artists pirouetting

in the clouds converging as one.”


*Please Note: If we have met before 2019, you are grandfathered in…

I heart gFE

(includes mutual showering)

  • 350 for a 30 min Steamy Seduction

  • 500 for 1 hour Whirlwind of Senses

  • 700 for 1.5 hours Great Introductions

  • 900 for 2 hours Taste it, Relish It

  • 1200 for 3 hours Exquisite Explorations

  • 1600 for 4 hours Appetizer, Dinner & Epic Dessert

  • 2800 for a Luscious and Lingering Overnight (8-10 hours, including meals and a smidge of sleep. This can be utilized for a day adventure as well.)

  • 3500 for a Get Lost In Another Extended Overnight (14-16 hours, including meals and adequate sleep)

  • 5000 for a 24 hour Journey Into The Deep Oasis

*COUPLES-I would love to spend time with you, please add an additional 150 to any session you are interested in
*Please inquire about multi-night travel packages
*Passport ready and seasoned explorer of Domestic and International travel

FBST Classic

  • 300 for 1 hour Sensual Immersion (you receiving)

  • 400 for 1.5 hours Beyond Deepening




  • 350 for 1 hour Sensual Mutual Immersion

  • 450 for 1.5 hours Beyond Deepening

Social Dates/ Public Outings

  • 300 for 1 hour

  • 400 for 1.5 hours

  • 600 for 2 hours

  • 850 for 3 hours

Duo Discovery

There are a few friends I play well with, please inquire within to find out the possibilities...
*I'm also open to getting together with someone of your suggestion, but I must meet her first to ensure that we like one another. I'm not a good faker and it's very important to me to have chemistry. I am truly a lover of women, however, I am selective.

  • 1000 for 1 hour

  • 1400 for 1.5 hours

  • 1800 total for 2 hours


+50-200 to ADD FETISH Fantasies to ANY of my personal sessions…(Scenario Dependent...Please Inquire Within)

+100 OUTCALL to upscale hotels only, NO residences - within 30 miles of PDX Metro Area

Places that I would LOVE to visit either for the first time or again because I adored traveling there in the past:

International: Bali, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Paris, Berlin, Japan, Santorini, Argentina, Bora Bora, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand

USA: Hawaii, New York, New Orleans, LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Arizona, Baja

*If you desire to Fly Me to You in another city, state or country...please inquire within with your idea and we can discuss what that would look like for the both of us to bring into fruition.