Know me


Know Me


Your Sensual Supernova

“Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star-shaped self into society’s beige square holes,

she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freaking supernova she was meant to be.”



"People ask me “tits or ass?"
- I stare at them, bemused,
for while they’re both delicious
they’re not objects to be used..
and anyway, it’s neither,
that I’d prefer to see..
It’s eyes I like, they’re speaking,
they’re saying you want me.."


Welcome, I'm glad you found me

Maybe you choose to peruse my gallery of pictures, curious to see what flavor I am or maybe you would prefer to read what other respectable Gents expressed about their experiences and memories of their time with me. I encourage you to learn about me, as I want you to truly have quality experiences when in my company...
I am a Lady who can be sincerely cherished and grow with. Unforgettable memories can happen, if you take the time to get to know me and allow me into a window of knowing you. This is where real connection is to be discovered. I am classy when taken out and about, yet I'm disarmingly funny and easy-going when I'm with someone alone.


A few of my favorite things...

Staying up late on the 3 nights of fullest moon every month, long-slow-lip-nibbling-lose-time-passionate-kisses, the feel of textiles against my skin, giving and receiving, my Mac computer, exhibitionism, voyeurism, watching others watch me and getting wet from it, gardening, cuddling, memoirs, Buddhist Teachings, subtle and not so subtle romance, ORCHID plants, my lingerie, Goddess worship, witty banter, wet hair, 2-dimensional into 3-dimensional concepts and product, laughter, many levels of touch, good friends, my dogs, my mom's acceptance of who I am, vintage motorcycles, water between skin, anything from the 40's and 50's, anticipation, nipple play, human behavior, music-specifically sexy female vocals, a man's grip, good surprises, gazing, organic food, no-make-up-curls-free-sundress-flip-flops, slow entry in the waves, the ride of the O' train, fine dining, light teasing kisses all over my neck/ears journeying up and down my spine, my boot collection, exotic travel, proper mirror placement, anything art, ball play, inspiration and clitoral vibration and oh, oh sooooo many more to find out!
I am a down-to-earth, sensual and passionate pleaser...perhaps I can be your muse?