My Personal Erotica


My personal erotica

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My Personal Erotica

Some paths we follow, some we lead, some just come together quite naturally, organically.

These are the paths of you and me, merging simultaneously, let's see where they lead…


I am incredibly orally fixated and adore the art of cock worship…thoroughly giving the much deserved attention to my personal favorite, the balls.
I love to have my pussy romanced, slow teasing with a building of sucking my clit and lips.
I love face-sitting and having my ass licked.
I love the dance between two hungry lovers.
I love titty-fucking.
I love vibrating my clit with my Hitachi, while being penetrated with ONE slick finger or a happy covered cock.
I love deep passionate kissing, light teasing kissing, lip nibbling, hot and heavy kissing.
I love having my nipples sucked, teased, twisted, nibbled and sucked hard…I love having nipple orgasms.
I love all positions…I have an affinity for Asian Cowgirl.
I love it when I squirt, it’s elusive, but fun when it visits.
I love giving hot, steamy, oily massaging body slides...I adore FBSM and am incredibly gifted at it.
I love keeping my eyes open as much as possible, especially while I’m in the throws of multiple O's.
I love being multi-orgasmic and that I'm an easy cummer…
I love 69’ing.
I love using Female Condoms.
I love getting as many O's out of my lover as possible, if that is what they desire.
I love being a switch...I can be VERY DOM or very submissive.
I love group play.
I love being Bisexual.
I love chaining people to my massage table or bed.
I love driving my partner batty with Post Orgasm Torture.
I love dirty talk.
I love slow sex.
I love having my spine and the back of my neck slowly teased and kissed.
I love pleasing as much as I love being pleased.
I love mutual showering, wet blow jobs and cleaning one another.
I love people of ALL Races, Genders and Body Types.

Don't Enjoys

I don’t enjoy having my hair pulled or fingers run through it.
I don’t enjoy any penetration of my ass.    
I don't enjoy rude or disrespectful people.
I don't enjoy hagglers.
I don't enjoy bad hygiene.
I don't enjoy having my ears played with.

I don't enjoy sex without a condom.